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29 Aug 2017

Talent Acquisition Online Recruitment

Stay at the Cutting Edge of Mobile Recruitment

Start your mobile recruiting practices with appropriate optimization. Optimize your career website/page first, as mobile responsive design is the first step to start with.
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20 Jul 2017

Talent Acquisition Applicant Tracking System

How to take Applicant Tracking System in your stride

ATS systems are based on the algorithms that influence the entire process of assessing and identifying the best potential candidates.
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10 Jun 2017

Talent Acquisition Interviewing

Tips to conduct an effective job interview

Before a face-to-face interview, you should know very well what exactly you are seeking in your new hire so that you can ask the right set of questions at the time of interview.
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06 May 2017

Talent Acquisition Interviewing

Top 4 recruitment technology trends to watch out for in 2017

Talent acquisitions teams—across industries—are all set for major overhauls. And as recruitment is expected to gain pace in 2017, we will witness an uptick in the use of recruitment technologies.
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